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Fastlearn Technologies is promoting the use of ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) by pupils in primary and secondary schools. Some of the benefits of using our products include the ability to do fast and efficient revision without help of a teacher.

>> FastLearn Technologies brings to you original past examinations papers.

>> FastLearn Technologies provides you the right/correct answers.

We provide you with FAST and SMART Revision. Our answers are well explained meaning we eliminate the common tendency of memorising questions and answers. Our products also provides you the ability to undertake past exams in real-time.

Education is an investment which requires a lot of discipline and dedication. Many pupils fall out of the education system not because they not able but because they lack the consistence required of them by the system. Using ICTs help overcome these barriers that have long stood in the way of pupils today. We at FastLearn Technologies are committed to see your pupils excel in the academic work.

In an effort to use ICTs to further education, we at FastLearn Technologies also provides you with CDs containing past exams and revision. You can contact us via the Contact Us page to get your copies of CDs. These CDs can be used on any computer without Internet. We however do not condone piracy and duplication of the materials on CDs. The materials are for personal use and not for reproduction.


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