The council urges all registered candidates for the examinations to prove their skills, knowledge and attitudes acquired during the course of instruction rather than involving themselves in examination malpractices.

The council further urges all the candidates to prepare adequately for examinations.

The council strongly warns parents, teachers, guardians, candidates and members of the public against involving themselves in examination malpractices.

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1. Candidates should NOT:

  •  smuggle any form of pre-written materials into the examination room. 
  • accept to be assisted by anyone.
  •  accept to write an examination for someone else (impersonation). 
  • copy from each other.
  • substitute the written script in the examination room with an illegal script .
  • display improper conduct or violent behaviour in and around the examination room.
  • be cheated into buying or selling fake examination papers as all examination question papers are kept under lock and key prior to the examination date.

2. Teachers, invigilators, and supervisors should:

  •  not assist the candidates in any way before, during and after examinations .
  •  not allow anyone to write an examination on behalf of someone else.
  •  not allow candidates to copy from each other.
  •  not substitute candidates scripts.
  •  search the candidates thoroughly before entering the examination room.

3. Members of the community should be cautious and alert when photocopying or printing any examination related materials at their premises.

4. Anyone attempting to photocopy any examination related materials should immediately be reported to the ECZ.

Those found guilty of involvement in examination malpractice will:

  •  immediately be expelled from the entire examination.
  •  have the results cancelled in all subjects.
  •  be liable to prosecution.

For details refer to the "candidates beware!" posters that are in all schools and examination centres countrywide.

Be proactive and report any suspected examination irregularity to the Provincial Education Office (PEO), District Education Board Secretary (DEBS), nearest Police Station or calling the following numbers:
211 252930 or 211 254896 or 211 250904 or 0977-749578 or 0955-749578.
Let's all work together to fight examination malpractices to protect and uphold the integrity of our education system.


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