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What about if you don't always have Internet to work through our online past exams or the revision? We have an answer to that! FastLearn Technologies also provides you with CDs containing past exams and revision. You can contact us via the Contact Us page to get your copies of CDs. These CDs can be used on any computer without Internet. We however do not condone piracy and duplication of the materials on CDs. The materials are for personal use and not for reproduction.

There are different modes in the CDs: EXAM MODE and REVISION MODE

1. EXAM MODE allows you to answer all the questions of a particular exam in a particular subject before you instantly see your score after submitting your answer to the last question. After the result or score is displayed, click on REVIEW to see which questions you got right and which ones are wrong. The computer (or phone) will also show you the correct answers and a brief explanation or elaboration where necessary.

2. REVISION MODE does not allow you to proceed to the next question if your answer to the current question is incorrect. It gives you the chance try a maximum of 5 times. If the 5th attempt is still wrong, the computer will give you the correct answer and a brief explanation or elaboration where necessary. This is done so, so that you just don't memorise the answers but also know exactly what the question means and should it come in a different form, you will be able to figure it out without difficult.


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